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Krishi Janani PBC

District of Columbia USA

The Problem & The Solution

Extractive agriculture is exhausting the planet and driving us to extinction.

Regenerative agroecology is a revolution that can mitigate climate crisis, sequester carbon, make soil richer, reduce water stress, and save energy use, resulting in healthier food & food systems.

Our mission is to orchestrate a regenerative agriculture and food ecosystem that nourishes soil, water, biodiversity, farmers, consumers and the planet.

Learn more about soil degradation, nutrition depletion & regenerative agriculture.

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$9,250 funds committed
of $750,000 maximum target
$100K minimum
Days Left

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Minimum Investment: $250

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Nourishing Farmers, Consumers & The Planet

 Krishi Janani, PBC is seeking to raise up to $750,000 for the growth and expansion of the technology platform and operations.

What makes Janani Regen Ecosystem special is that this is a technology-enabled ecosystem in one local context (Tamil Nadu, India) which can be scaled to other contexts. A solution from, of and for the Global South.
Come, let us join hands to break the vicious cycle of extractive agriculture and create a regenerative, virtuous cycle between soil, water, farm, and food. 

Investment Perks

  1. $1,000

    Meet Growers

    Meet our growers & producers on Zoom

    + Janani Regen Living Guide

  2. $2,500

    Program Briefs

    Dive deeper into our programs on Zoom

    + Janani Regen Living Guide

  3. $5,000

    Join Events

    Celebrate at Janani's Events & Festivals

    + Janani Regen Living Guide

  4. $10,000

    Impact Experience

    Understand the impact with a guided tour

    + Janani Regen Living Guide

All campaigns are minimum or nothing; Krishi Janani PBC will only receive funding if the minimum goal is reached.

Key Facts & Financials

  • Promoting science-based traditional regenerative practices that are economic and viable from small farmers
  • Creating public commons library for knowledge & bio resources
  • Network growth - 12,000 farmers in offline & online channels
  • Mobile app with location-based peer-2-peer market, Q&A and events modules
  • Mobile app growth - 15 months for the first 1,000 installs
  • Mobile app traction - 6 months for the next 1,000 installs

Krishi Janani PBC Story

Krishi Janani PBC is a social enterprise registered as a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation. Its' Janani Regen Ecosystem enables farmers to transition to regenerative agroecology & build climate resilience in communities. 

Janani Regen Ecosystem

Janani Regen Ecosystem creates tools and services to support transition and facilitates market access to provide economic incentives for the transition. Janani Regen Ecosystem consists of:
  • Agritech Platform: A mobile app and technology platform that provides tools, services, market access, and information for farmers to transition to regenerative agroecology. 
  • Events & Trainings: Regenerative ecology focused events and trainings to learn practices for a regenerative agriculture and food systems.
  • Regen Labs: Setting up regenerative ecosystem and nature-based climate mitigation projects for corporates, startups, and other institutions to work with farmers to create local and global impact.

The Founders

Usha Devi Venkatachalam

Founder & CEO

Computer Engineer. Social Entrepreneur. Daughter of an Indian Farmer. Implemented Software Solutions in 20+ Countries.

"I spent decades in Washington DC, US with stints in NASA, NMP, Appnet, Beaconfire, & WLP building technology platforms for social change. My family’s agricultural roots challenge me to create a global solution for small farms and farmers. That solution is right under our foot, in the regenerative capacity of nature.”

The Team

Lakshmi Suresh

Board of Directors

Founder, Mazhai Thuli Foundation

Water Advocate. Entrepreneur. Realtor. Social Activist. Advisory Board of USKids4Water. Volunteer at Heal the Bay, Los Angeles.

”In my lifetime, I have seen the Vaigai go from a perennial river often overflowing its banks to a dry river. As someone who has seen women in my village walk miles to fetch drinking water, this hurts me and moves me to act on saving our waterways. In Janani’s work, especially in the soil & water labs, I see the possibility of building the next generation of sustainable businesses focused on regenerative water."

Sibi Gnanasundaram

Board of Directors

VP, Tyton Partners

Investment Banker. Investor. M&A. Startup Operator. Previously with UBS & Valmiki Capital. Advising on $500M+ transactions in technology & tech-enabled companies.

”Krishi Janani stands out by looking to leverage age-old practices in an industry that has seen diminishing returns and farmers leaving their profession despite "technological advances.” As someone that comes from a lineage of farmers from Tamil Nadu, this mission and also potential for growth stands out to me as a good investment in our food and the people that provide it but also in a sub-industry that has generally been forgotten.”

Michael Cervino

Advisory Council

Director, The Nature Conservancy

Investor. Entrepreneur. Fundraiser. Decades in Environmental Causes. Strategy & Management.

"I saw the unique opportunity to pair my passion for conservation and climate change activism with a remarkable business investment. Janani has an inspiring vision being delivered on through its technology, growing farmer based and most importantly -- true regenerative results."

Sharon Chang

Advisory Council

Founder, Yoxi

Artist and Architect to Manifest Beautiful Futures

”Krishi Janani has the vision and operational resilience that allows meaningful growth to be both the spread of invisible roots and the blossom of beautiful canopies. In a world where innovation often chases shiny new objects, and impact can be buried in data bureaucracy, we need more companies like KJ to establish nodes of connections in regenerative practices.”

Rakhee Goyal

Advisory Council

Founder & Trustee, Shraddhanjali Trust

NGO Leader. Human Rights & Social Justice Activist. Decades designing & implementing women's empowerment programs in Africa, Asia & the Middle East.

“I invest in Janani for its ethical, principled and life sustaining approaches towards both the people and the planet who we rely upon for food and survival. To me Janani embodies its name “life-giving” by improving the livelihoods of vulnerable farmers and reenergizing the earth. Janani proves that prosperity – economic and climate – can and must be mutually beneficial for the sake of present and future generations.”

Bagyarani Vijayan

Advisory Council

Partner, S Ram & Co

Chartered Accountant. 25+ years in Financial Management, Corporate Reporting, Complex Accounting Problems, Direct & Indirect Tax Compliance, Reporting.

”My family is from a farming background, and our farm is on a rain shadow area, receiving minimal rainfall. Easy falling prey to drought every other year, borewells are going deeper and deeper. So was happy to associate with Janani for soil and water Regeneration. I am interested in exploring new financing models for rebuilding water resources for future generations.”

Ara Ramalingam

Fractional CTO

Data Scientist. Serial Entrepreneur. Computer Engineer. Building custom software solutions for 25+ years. Specialize in retail & financial products with global footprint.

”My deep passion for agriculture, coupled with my wife's dedication to clean and healthy food, led us to establish a successful free-range hens farm in Tuticorin. When offered the opportunity to combine my technical skills with my love for farming at Krishi Janani, I eagerly seized the chance to make a meaningful impact. My mission: utilize technology to revolutionize agricultural practices for a healthier, more sustainable food system."

Vishnupriya Mani

Director of Operations

Developer turned people & process manager. Focuses on efficient systems to create healthy & nutritious agriculture & food systems.

”I witnessed agriculture’s move towards chemicals and the health differences in the last three generations in my family. My passion is in creating better agriculture and food systems for the wellbeing of the society and my family, especially my daughter.”



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