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Eagle Protect PBC

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Eagle US is a leading supplier of disposable gloves and clothing. Our products are sourced ethically and transparently, and through ongoing R&D and third-party analysis of our gloves, we certify their food safety and quality. Our products make a difference in the lives and families of workers involved in glove and clothing manufacturing. Led by the consumer, we are driving our industry to become transparent, while helping reduce the environmental impact. The incumbent glove supply industry in the US is static - poor quality products and processes are mainstream and accepted. Eagle is changing this through our innovative and disruptive approach to food safety. Key Highlights • The manufacture of disposable gloves is at high risk of labor rights abuse - from small glove suppliers to those manufacturing for major international brands. • 15% of foodborne illness outbreaks implicate disposable glove cross-contamination. • Up to 50% of vinyl gloves, the most popular gloves in food handling in the US, fail when put on. These contribute to excess waste and associated food safety risks. • Our growing customer base includes the second largest US food retailer. • 330 million disposable gloves are used and disposed of each day in the US – the opportunity for Eagle to disrupt the disposable glove industry in the US is limitless. Thank you for your interest in investing in Eagle US - we welcome you to join us on our journey of changing the world one glove at a time! Investors will receive a pro rata share of 4% of revenue annually. 100% of invested principal will be returned plus 50% on top after five years, if not previously received from the annual revenue payments. See the Investment Summary for more details.
$42,000 funds committed
of $1,070,000 maximum target
$30K minimum

Investment Summary

Revenue Share

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Eagle’s mission is to improve the US food sector with the focused supply of quality and cost-effective gloves and clothing. We owe it to the US food sector, and the consumer, to expand and assist in keeping them safer, more sustainable and environmentally focused, as well as offering them a clean, transparent and safe supply chain. With your investment, Eagle plans to: - Increase inventory, sourced through our transparent supply chain, to supply our growing customer base - Hire an experienced sales team, including customer support, who share Eagle’s Core Values - Hire operations and logistics team member to manage and improve business efficiencies - Increase marketing activities to expand our customer base, and further educate the US food sector and consumer - R&D into recycling opportunities; and innovative new food safe products

Investment Perks

Key Facts & Financials

  • Together with parent company Eagle NZ, the only Certified B Corp in the disposable glove and clothing industry.
  • Eagle US is Delaware public benefit corporation based in California and has been operating across the US since 2016.
  • New Zealand-based parent company Eagle NZ has been a major supplier to the primary food business and medical sector in New Zealand for over 12 years. It is recognized as a leader in food safety and now supplies between 70% and 80% of that country’s primary food sector.
  • California-based Eagle US started trading supplying disposable gloves and clothing to the US food industry in 2016 after the founder relocated with his family to California to begin and build the business. In two years the US entity has gone from zero sales to sales of almost $200,000 per month.
  • Eagle US supplies the largest wholesale club food retailer in the US. This significant customer has provided economies of scale as well as significant brand equity which is catalyzing growth elsewhere within the US food sectors.

Eagle Protect PBC Story

Eagle NZ has been innovating practices for social and environmental good since 2006. In 2012, Eagle NZ became the first certified B Corp in its industry and just three years later was honored with the global Building the Movement Award at the Annual B Corp Retreat. Together as the Eagle Group, Eagle US and Eagle NZ are the only B Corp in their industry in the world. In 2017, the Eagle Group became the first company in its industry to be certified as Child Labor Free (CLF) to a manufacturing level for a specific range of our products. Steve Ardagh, the founder of Eagle NZ, and his family relocated to California in 2016 to found Eagle US, building on the experience and success of Eagle NZ; both financially and in social and environmental impact. Since its inception in 2016, Eagle US’s annual revenue has grown significantly. Eagle US's August 2018 revenue was $182,000 approximately. If we are able to maintain monthly revenue at that level, our annual revenue will be approximately $2.18 million. There is a shift happening! Consumers are demanding to know where their food products come from, what has touched them and their impact on the environment. They want companies to do the right thing and be honest and open! We believe Eagle US has the expertise, drive and imagination to improve the US food sector. Eagle staff personally visit every supplier regularly and perform a rigorous audit of their product manufacturing; including quality, employee conditions and environmental impact. There are many examples in the US marketplace from companies such as Unilever, Danone and others that show doing good is good for business! Unilever reports that 60% of growth now comes from their Sustainable Living Brands portfolio! Eagle US operates at the intersection of food safety, sustainability and supply chain transparency. IMPACT SUMMARY Every minute in the US over 100,000 people put on disposable gloves. Just as many take them off and dispose of them - every single minute, 24/7, 365 days a year! In the food sector alone - 30 billion gloves are used every year. Through better quality product and processes, we believe we could save over 5 billion gloves every year from being used - saving millions of pounds of waste, emissions and water. The opportunity for impact is significant and the change is simple. We have the intention and believe we have the research, people and supply chain to assist the US food industry in becoming safer, more transparent and environmentally aware.

The Founders

Lynda Ronaldson

Founder/VP Marketing

Lynda is VP of Marketing based in the U.S. and is responsible for the strategic marketing for the group.

Eagle Protect marketing focus is reinforcing its unique position at the intersection of Food Safety, Sustainability, and Supply Chain Transparency.

Prior to Eagle Lynda successfully founded, grew and sold her first business in 2006. Her hands-on experience in the Medical Industry provides excellent customer insight.

Steve Ardagh


Steve Ardagh is the founder and CEO of Eagle Protect in New Zealand and the USA.

After establishing Eagle Protect as an industry leader in New Zealand (2006), he relocated with his family to the US in January 2016 and launched Eagle Protect PBC, bringing Eagle's values of providing products that are certified food safe, ethically sourced and environmentally better to a market wanting change.

Steve is driven to keep consumers safe by reducing the risk of foodborne illness one high-quality disposable glove at a time.

Eagle Protect Certified as a BCorp in 2012 and is New Zealand's founding and first BCorp Certified business. In 2015 Steve received the "B The Change Award for building the BCorp movement" at the annual BCorp Conference.

He continues to spread the BCorp word wherever possible, including at their US base in South Lake Tahoe, California.

The Team

Brian Fetzer

Account Manager

Brian brings extensive sales and supply chain management experience and thrives in a company operating with the B Corp philosophy.

Based in the Bay area Brian is a man of many hidden talents and enjoys woodworking, going to concerts, hiking, fly fishing and skiing.

Kimberly Barnett-Burton

Sales and Marketing Associate

Kimberly is our newest team member in the US South lake Tahoe office.

She came to us as an intern after a very successful College career and never left!

Kimberly looks after our key customer logistics, assists with customer service and marketing activities.

Barry Michaels

Microbiologist, Research Director

Where does one start?

Barry has been at the forefront of hand hygiene in the US food industry for decades. He has been published countless times on subjects around glove use and hand hygiene and is the author of a major project on this subject in conjunction with Eagle Protect.

Barry has developed our proprietary FingerPrint Checked system of analysis and continues to work to help Eagle keep the US Food Sector safe!

Taylor Ilacqua

Administration/Operations Manager

Taylor is one of the masses who migrated from the busy Bay Area to enjoy the casual, mountain lifestyle Tahoe is so famous for.

She brings a wealth of experience from her time in software sales and CRM operations and management.

Due to her passion for environmental responsibility, Eagle Protect was the perfect place for her join a team of like-minded individuals.

Sarah Berry

Marketing Star

Growing up in the Midwest, Sarah didn’t know what she was missing until she lived in the mountains.

Eagle Protect was the perfect place for Sarah to use her creative marketing skills during the day and explore on the weekend.

Sarah is an expert in Social Media, Targeted Sales Outreach and a Director/Producer of training and promoitional videos.

Kyle Geary

Key Account Manager

Kyle has over 15 years’ experience in the supply of Food Safety Personal Protective Equipment to the New Zealand Meat and Food Industry.

He combines his work New Zealand with regular travel to the U.S. supporting the Eagle office there, and promoting the business to the lucrative U.S. Meat Industry.

He has made good relationships with Distributors and key clients such as Cargill Meats, Harris Ranch Beef and Bob Evans.

Mike Taylor

Strategic and Sales Manager

Mike has 35+ years in Sales & Marketing and General Management including 15 years as General Manager of Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety NZ.

His focus is project management including the acquiring new business.

He’s a current and previous member of several commercial and not for profit board of directors, and is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Gareth Brooks


Gareth joined Eagle 3 years ago to run the New Zealand operation and manage the finance function in the U.S.

He brings to Eagle a wealth of experience in banking, accountancy and corporate commercial roles.

He recently gained HACCP Certification in the U.S., understands the importance of food safety, and as a double field hockey Olympian and loves being part of a high performing team.



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