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Geek Girl Tech

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Geek Girl Tech is a public benefit corporation working to make the world a better place.

We see technology and information security as tools to level the playing field and to protect people and businesses around the world. We are experts in cybersecurity and make sure our clients feel safe and supported. We are a woman-owned company and are committed to creating opportunities for women and other underrepresented people in tech, and we partner with other women and minority-owned businesses to provide additional services to our clients.

We hope to inspire other companies to prioritize socially responsible business practices and to put people before profits. We’re also building a community of awareness and
action around information security practices.

The minimum investment is $250.

$13,000 funds committed
of $1,070,000 maximum target
$50K minimum
Days Left


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We are on a mission to bring stability and security to the world; a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities, resources and community. We provide quality IT and information security solutions, while creating opportunities for women and other underrepresented people in tech and non-technical roles.

43% of all Cyberattacks are aimed at Small Business
We work with small business because they are more vulnerable and are lacking tools, resources and knowledge to protect themselves. Most IT companies do not work with small business nor focus on security. Did you know that 60% of small businesses who have a breach actually go out of business within 6 months? We’re working with small business to prevent breaches from happening in the first place.

Women and minorities are underrepresented, underpaid and underutilized in tech companies.
Geek Girl Tech believes strongly in diversity, fairness and equality and we are creating opportunities for women, underrepresented folks and LGBTQIA people. We practice diverse hiring and we prioritize women-owned local vendors for our company needs. We treat people with respect and dignity, and are actively pursuing a B Corp certification. We currently have 2 full-time employees and a handful of contractors around the US and the world.

Out of 18 employees and contractors Geek Girl Tech has hired over the past 3 years, 58.8% have been people from diverse backgrounds, and over 70% have been female.

Putting People Before Profits
We’re building a tech company from the ground up that prioritizes people, not profits. That means hiring people with potential not necessarily a college degree; paying people fairly and equally; allowing for transparent company financials; volunteering and giving back to the community. We’re a for profit company with a social mission and believe in making the world a better place through security.

What Your Investment Will Help Us Accomplish
If we reach our target offering amount of $50,000, we plan to use the proceeds to hire one full-time employee to help us manage the demand for our services.

If we raise more than the target offering amount, we will use the proceeds to hire security engineers for research and development, increase our marketing efforts, and create an information security awareness campaign for all. Our budget breaks down roughly as follows:

Wages (including R&D)/Benefits/Training 62%
Sales/Marketing/Business Development: 35%
Overhead: 2%
Administration: 1%

breakdown chart

Investment Perks

All campaigns are minimum or nothing; Geek Girl Tech will only receive funding if the minimum goal is reached.

Key Facts & Financials

  • Geek Girl Tech has over 15 years in IT Security & has been in business for more than 8 years.
  • Out of 18 employees and contractors Geek Girl Tech has hired over the past 3 years, 58.8% have been people from diverse backgrounds, and over 70% have been female.
  • We became a public benefit corporation in February 2018, and we are pursuing our B Corp certification.

Geek Girl Tech Story

Geek Girl Tech was founded by Jenn Diesi in 2010 to bring enterprise level security and support to small businesses.
During her 20+ years in tech, Jenn never got used to being one of the only women on her team, and repeatedly witnessed the negative impacts of purely profit-driven decisions made in business.

She also noticed that small businesses, which makes up the largest part of our economy, are not prepared to protect themselves from cyber attacks. With hacking and security breaches on the rise, and the knowledge that 60% of small businesses that are attacked go out of business within six months, Jenn knew something needed to be done.

Determined to solve these problems, Jenn decided to build the company she wished she had worked for: ethnically diverse, gender balanced, and socially conscious.

Geek Girl Tech is an IT security and support company for socially conscious companies, working to create jobs and opportunities for the underrepresented in tech.

The Founders

Jenn Diesi

Founder & CEO

Jenn is a tech veteran and information security expert who brings 20+ years of experience protecting networks for global companies large and small. Jenn’s experience as a single mother, self-taught IT professional, and a woman in tech
inspired to create the company she always wanted to work for: a welcoming workplace with a meaningful mission to protect and empower others. In her spare
time, Jenn runs in ultra-marathons and can often be found on the trails around the Bay Area.

The Team

Loren Diesi

Chief Impact Officer

Loren brings an appreciation of the challenges that people around the world face, and how technology can help to level the playing field for them. In Ghana, she studied the effects of microfinance on women, and worked with an NGO to support their businesses. She ran girls’ leadership programs and organized malaria awareness workshops in Madagascar.

Lailanie Salzon

Project Manager

Lailanie is a project manager with a history of accomplishments in tech and other industries. She is committed to empowering women and is a firm believer that this leads to empowered communities. In her spare time, Lailanie mentors stay at home moms so they can start working as freelancers and have the income to needed support their families.

Ivellisse Morales

Marketing Manager

Ivellisse brings nearly a decade of experience helping mission-driven businesses and organizations to use the power of marketing, branding and design for social good. Prior to working with Geek Girl Tech, Ivellisse designed and executed social
impact initiatives and strategies for Fortune 500 companies at major agencies.



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