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Spotlight: Girls

#Education #Multi-Media #WomanFounder #SocialEnterprise
Spotlight:Girls is a women-owned certified B Corp based in Oakland, CA. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage. We produce media, events and learning experiences with and for girls and girl advocates that promote leadership, creativity, courage, connection, and radical care. Since 2008, our highly recognized Go Girls!™ Camps and afterschool clubs have taught thousands of elementary and middle school-aged girls key social-emotional skills through the process of making their own plays, art, music, and media. Now, we are raising $250,000 to bring this movement nationwide. Investment Summary: Preferred stock Price: $5.00 per share Pre-money valuation: $2.128M Target dividend: 6% of the original issue price Minimum Investment: $500
$33,872 funds committed
of $275,000 maximum target
$25K minimum

Investment Summary

Preferred Stock

Price: $5

Dividend: 6%

Pre-Money Valuation: $2,128,000

*See Offering & Form C sections below for disclosures



Form C


Spotlight: Girls is a women-owned, best for the world B Corp with a mission to educate, inspire, and activate girls & women to take center stage. We have been running Go Girls! - our successful summer camp and afterschool program for 10 years now. Our qualitative data has proven that it works. Go Girls! are more confident, putting down perfectionism and taking more creative risks, setting healthy boundaries with their peers and others, and expressing their feelings in productive ways. Now, girl advocates from across the country are stepping up to be part of this incredible movement by becoming licensed providers of Go Girls. In order to mobilize these entrepreneurs and leaders on a large scale, we are building the tech and media tools these women need to better facilitate their powerful in-the-room, face-to-face work with the girls.

Investment Perks

  1. $1,000

    Say Yes

    20% off anything in the Spotlight: Girls store (including program registration) for 1 year

  2. $5,000

    I'm Proud

    Everything from "Say Yes" and 2 complimentary spots for you and a friend in our upcoming Go Girls! Retreat for Women Leaders, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

  3. $10,000

    My Light

    Everything from "I'm Proud" and 1 year free Go Girls! license (for you or an individual/organization of your choice)

  4. $25,000

    Take Center Stage

    Everything from "My Light" and a seat on the Spotlight: Girls Advisory Board

Key Facts & Financials

  • Go Girls!™ has grown from a single Oakland camp in 2008 serving 17 girls to approximately 500 girls a year.
  • Go Girls! summer camps currently operate at a 50% gross margin and afterschool clubs at 70%.
  • In 2016, we raised $62,500 in equity crowdfunding on the WeFunder platform
  • In 2017, we became the first recipient of the Force for Good Fund.
  • In 2017, we received our B Corp certification with a score of 118 and was recently named a "best for the world" B Corp.
  • In 2017, we became an investee of RSF Social Finance’s Women’s Capital Collaborative.
  • Our girl anthems, "My Light" and "I’m Proud", by the Alphabet Rockers, based on the Go Girls!™ Culture Code, are featured on their GRAMMY-nominated album, Rise Shine #Woke.
  • In 2017, we won a $50,000 marketing and PR package as part of She Knows Media’s #ThePitch competition at the BlogHer conference in Orlando and featured on

Spotlight: Girls Story

In 2006, Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny, partners in life and business, founded a company called Glitter & Razz Productions, focused on creating high-quality, arts-based camps, classes, and birthday parties for kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. Two years later, in a church basement in Oakland, 17 girls - and only girls - signed up for their summer camp. That had never happened before so Lynn and Allison decided to go for it and they made the theme of that summer "Go Girls!: The Magic & Power of Being a Girl." The camp session wound up being so successful, by every measure, that they asked participants, "If we do this again next year, on purpose, will you sign up?" The answer was a resounding "Yes!" Over the next 4 years, Go Girls! programming grew and grew and Lynn and Allison knew they were onto something amazing. It was clear that, in order to become their boldest, bravest selves, girls needed safe and creative spaces to practice taking center stage. They redesigned their mission, rebranded, and restructured their programming to focus exclusively on the social/emotional health of girls.

The Founders

Lynn Johnson


Lynn Johnson is a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, and Co-Founder/CEO of Spotlight: Girls – an Oakland-based B Corp that inspires, educates, and activates girls & women to take center stage through a multi-media platform and summer camp.

To date, Lynn has raised over half a million dollars in capital to prepare to license Go Girls! ™ - their popular summer camp - nationally. She is the first recipient of the Force for Good Fund, a recipient of RSF Social Finance’s Women’s Capital Collaborative, and the winner of SheKnows Media’s #ThePitch at BlogHer 2017.

In addition, Lynn works as a coach for Jenny Kassan Consulting and serves on the Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women.

Allison Kenny

Creative Director

Allison Kenny is an award-winner blogger, author, actor, and co-founder of Spotlight:Girls.

As an author, Allison has written and published Starring Celia, a chapter book about a fictional Go Girl!, and Go Squirrel!, a series of coloring books aimed at teaching young readers complex social/emotional lessons through fun and accessible social stories.

The Team

Chrissy Mulvihill

Program Director

An award-winning educator with over 25 years experience

Sabrina Walasek

Program Manager

Expert curriculum and toy designer, Formerly with Leap Frog and Little Passports

Brett Burton

Sales and Marketing Manager

Experienced business professional with focus on social impact

George Ison

Administrative Assistant

Over 10 years of experience working in diverse industries

Kaitlin McGaw

Musician & Founder, Alphabet Rockers

Partner & Collaborator of girl anthems "My Light" and "I'm Proud" which appear on the GRAMMY-nominated album, Rise Shine #Woke

Anasa Troutman

Founder & CEO, Culture Shift Creative

Cultural strategist, music industry veteran known for her work with India Arie & advising the Obama Administration on arts and culture. Partner in "Shelectricity," a girls'
empowerment ecosystem that brings together technology, culture, and community


Vanessa Warheit

Added almost 6 years ago

Hi! This paragraph seems to be missing an essential phrase (after "multiplied by 10%),"):
In any year in which the Preferred Net Income Amount (defined as the amount derived from the following formula (the company’s net income minus $100,000) multiplied by 10%), the Preferred Shareholders shall be entitled to receive, out of any funds and assets of the company legally available therefor, non-cumulative dividends equal to such Shareholder’s pro rata share of the Preferred Net Income Amount, prior and in preference to the payment of any dividend on the Common Shares (other than a stock dividend that is payable in Common Shares).

Lynn Johnson
Promoter - not receiving compensation

Added almost 6 years ago

Hi Vanessa! Thanks so much for checking out our investment opportunity. Are you suggesting that something be edited in our term sheet or does something about our offer not make sense to you?


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